Laminin Skill

Class times
Begins on August 8th 6:30pm

This class will assist you in building a strong and solid foundation for mobility and core strength. In return, you will learn how to achieve your goals in gymnastic movements — from pull-ups to hand stand push ups.

Laminin Skill Performance

Class times
Begins on September 29th. Held on the last Saturday of every month 8:00am

This class will teach you to be more effective in gymnastic movements. It is for intermediate to advance athletes. This course is the next level after “Laminin Skill”. Please make sure to sign up before taking this class. There is a $10 fee per class.

Laminin Strength

Class times
Begins on August 15th 7:30pm

This class entails the techniques of the Olympic Lift movements. These are highly structure and heavy detail classes. Please bring a notebook and pen. Be ready to lift, learn and take lots of notes.